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Artists for Palestine [팔레스타인 아티스트]

Disclaimer: the artists on this page are not involved with AGBN.

Art Activism and Gaza: Poets and Hip Hop Artists Organize for Gaza
New York City. "Poets for Gaza" (Jan 16), "Hands Off Gaza" (Jan 18), "I *heart* Gaza" Benefit Hip Hop Concert, Dance, Art Show (Jan 18).

Stars Unite in Support of Gaza Children
On Friday, 16 January, all three Syrian television channels (Channel 1 and 2, and Syria Satellite TV) and radio will broadcast a daylong telethon as a part of massive Fundraising Campaign titled "For the Children of Gaza".

The clip below was made by the great Oud player Naseer Shamma for the children of Gaza.
The song is called لغزة الف قبلة وقبلة (a thousand kisses and a kiss to Gaza).

Iranian artists hold workshop in support of Gazans
TEHRAN -- A group of painters gathered at the open space of the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art for a workshop in support of the oppressed people of Gaza.

British poet reacts to Gaza bombing with poem

Noam Chomsky - American linguist and political activist.

Banksy - Renowned British street artist.

Palestinian Artists

Mahmoud Darwish - Respected Palestinian poet and author who won numerous awards for his literary output. He was regarded as the Palestinian national poet.

Ghassan Kanafani - Palestinian writer
A short story written by Ghassan Kanafani and read by John Berger:

Naji Al-Ali - Palestinian cartoonist frequently detained by police and continually censored. He received many death threats during his life. In 1987 he was shot in the head by a lone gunman as he was going to work, and died five weeks later at the age of 51. Handala, the little boy who appears as a spectator in each of his cartoons, is now the official logo of the Commission for Freedom and Justice Through Humor, a recently created arm of WATCH and an affiliate of UNESCO.

Edward Wadie Saïd - Palestinian American literary theorist, cultural critic, and an outspoken advocate for Palestinian rights. He was University Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Columbia University.

Zahi Khamis

Samia Halaby Below is part of an interview with Samia Halaby about the late artist Mustafa al Hallaj with views of an amazing 100 meter piece that he created.

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